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Things to do near Jaco, Costa Rica

Tourists usually come to visit Jaco mostly for its nightlife and for the fact that it is located super close to San Jose airport. But are these really all the area can offer you?

Of course not. The Puntarenas region, as well as the area of Jaco, have much more to offer. Let’s dig deep into this topic and understand why you should choose this part of Costa Rica as your next destination!

ATV tour in the jungle

The area: Puntarenas province

Located at the Pacific Ocean, Puntarenas province has an excellent climate, beautiful coast, and extremely diverse wildlife.

The area offers you a wide range of beaches, wild nature, high mountains, amazing restaurants, and the vibrating evenings of Costa Rica’s most developed beach town, Jaco.

If you don’t want to spend your stay hours traveling when you visit costa Rica, the north side of Puntarenas is the perfect place for you. Visit national parks, swim in the warm ocean and treat yourself in a luxurious way: all in the same location.

The city of Puntarenas

Being the capital city of the province, Puntarenas has everything one can wish for: great surfing spots, hot weather, and amazing cuisine.

Caldera, the town’s port is the oldest and one of the biggest ports in Costa Rica.  Thanks to this, Puntarenas gastronomy is remarkable: it offers you a wide range of seafood dishes, such as the world-famous ceviche. The town is located close to Monteverde, one of Costa Rica’s top destinations.

Did you know?

Puntarenas comes from the words Punta and Arenas, meaning Sand Point, referring to the needle-like area on which the city stands today.

Jaco, the vibing city

Located only 1,5 hours from the capital’s airport, Jaco is the perfect place for those who love excellent restaurants, luxury vibes, and nice beaches.

While “the nightlife of Jaco” is the most famous research phrase about the area, it has much more to offer: it is the center of an endless list of activities. Whether you want to try ziplining, ATV or horseriding, the city has it all for you.


  1. Drop into the ocean

The Pacific Ocean coast of Costa Rica is full of beautiful beaches. Whether you want to surf, have some privacy or just stay close to the vibes, the area has an option for you.

The following beaches are our favorite ones:

Jaco Town Beach

The town’s long gray sanded beach is the perfect place for families, friends, or surf-lovers. it is surrounded by palm trees, beach hotels, shops, bars and restaurants, and the beautiful jungle. The downtown of Jaco is filled with amazing restaurants, bars and stores. 

Playa Hermosa

Even its name, ‘beautiful beach’ tells you everything: Playa Hermosa with its crystal clear blue water is one of the most popular beaches in the area.

Playa Mantas

Tall trees, light brown sand, silence and privacy: Playa Mantas has it all for you.

Playa Blanca

The beautiful white sand makes this hidden gem one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. The beach can be reached only from Playa Mantas, so arrive early, before the water gets too high to cross! 

Playa Limoncito

Close to Playa Mantas, Limoncito is another option for a beautiful sunny afternoon.

2. Eat like a local

Jaco is famous for its bars and restaurants, so why not try some of the local cuisines? If you want to try the best ceviche, Casado or Gallo pinto, just take a walk on the town’s main street and you will find plenty of amazing options for a beautiful dinner, lunch, or even breakfast. 

3. Enjoy an excursion

Jaco has a wide range of offers when it comes to exploring nature and wildlife. If you are an active holiday type of person, check out our list of excursions here!

4. Meet the wildlife

The area is home to hundreds of birds, monkeys and reptiles. There is not a day without the beautiful sounds of the scarlet macaws, and the sounds of the jungle nights are something you will never forget. Are you interested in which animals can be seen from our infinity pool? Check out here!

5. Explore the area

Got bored of chilling on the beach? Jaco and its surrounding nature offer you plenty of opportunities for a great hike in the beautiful jungle.

Sendero Punta Catedral

Close to Quepos, there is an amazing, 1 km long trail with white-face monkeys and great viewpoints – definitely worth a visit.

Mirador Miro

Being one of the most famous miradors in the area, this old hotel place gives you a beautiful view of Jaco and the surrounding landscape. 

Catarata del Toro

If you like waterfalls, this hike is for you: located close to Bajos del Toro, this 300 feet high waterfall is pure magic. The short hike on a private reserve is the best way to check out a less touristic destination.

Want to learn more about Costa Rica?  Check out our article!

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