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Most popular foods to try in Costa Rica

Due to its wonderful nature and climate, Costa Rica is home to thousands of fruits and vegetables. So it is not a surprise that the country’s gastronomy is just as colorful as its biodiversity. Get ready: once you arrive in the country, it will be hard to keep up with tasting all of those special and tasteful dishes that Ticos and Ticas offer you in their amazing restaurants. Here are our favorite ones.

Gallo Pinto – The typical breakfast of Costa Rica

Gallo Pinto is the best option if you want to start your day fully and just like a local. Rice and beans, mixed with some spicey, red peppers, cilantro, onions and salsa lizano, served with eggs and plantains: this is Gallo Pinto, the typical breakfast of Costa Rica

Casado – Our absolute favorite

Being one of the most typical dishes in costa Rica, Casado is probably the most colorful meal you have ever tried in your life. Made up of beans, rice, salad, fried plantains and meat, Casado is a must-try during your visit.

Did you know?
Casado means “married”, coming from the wide range of ingredients and their way of representation: – everything is married on the plate!


During your stay in Costa Rica, one of the biggest challenges is not to get addicted to plantains: they are just SO GOOD. Patacones, this easy snack or appetizer is made of double-deep-fried plantains, a little salt and nothing more.

Arroz con Leche

Sweets in Costa Rica? Yes! Rice, Milk, Lemon and Cinamon – just the perfect ingredients for a super delicious local dessert.

Black Bean Soup

This vegetarian soup is cooked from black beans, peppers, cilantro, onion, tomatoes and hard-boiled eggs. Sounds great, doesn’t it?


Made from Chicharrones and Frijoles, so fried pork rinds and beans, rice and tomato, served with corn tortillas, chips or bread: Chifrijo is a perfect meal or snack on your way.


Tamal is a cooked masa from rice, pork and vegetables, all packed and cooked in banana leaves. This typical street food is made a bit differently in every region.

Are you ready to try these amazing meals in Costa Rica? Come and stay with us and our local property manager will help you to get the best out of your stay with local recipes and tips for the best restaurants! If you want to dig really deep into gastronomy, you can even ask for your fridge to be filled in with local food, sweets and fruits, just fresh from the market, or book a private chef and try real local food freshly cooked in your kitchen.

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