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Experience Costa Rica in a luxurious way

Costa Rica is one of the most beloved destinations for travelers from the United States. The crystal clear ocean, breathtaking mountains, and rich wildlife all take part in the country’s uniqueness. But besides its nice nature and high-quality cuisine, is it a good destination for those who seek comfort and luxury?

Costa Rica for vacation

Costa Rica is located in Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama. Thanks to its location the weather is pleasant most of the year – even the famous rainy season has some nice sunny days. So if you are wondering when to visit Costa Rica, our answer is – anytime you get the chance. The country offers a wide range of activities for adventure lovers and those who just want to get a silent getaway. 

If you are wondering where in Costa Rica is the best for a family vacation: literally, anywhere! As long as your kids enjoy adventure, surfing, beach and wild animals, most parts of the country would meet your needs.

Costa Rica luxury rentals

Costa Rica is home to hundreds of luxury villas and 5-star hotels. The country offers luxury yachts, premium resorts and retreat centers. Thanks to its perfect climate and wild range of activities, it is also home to many yoga retreats and surf camps. The best part is that whether you are an adventure lover or you prefer to rest and enjoy high-quality beaches and delicious cuisine, Costa Rica has an offer for everyone.

Our favorite: The Pacific Ocean

Costa Rica is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. While it is not a question that the Caribbean vibes are unique and give you a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we prefer the Pacific side due to its diversity, always warm ocean and robust variety of luxury options.

Jaco, the colorful and vibing town

If you are looking for a place that is relatively close to the airport and offers a wide range of luxury options, Jaco is your best option. It is perfect for those who love sport fishing, surfing, busy shopping centers, gorgeous beaches, international restaurants, bars, clubs, gambling and lots of activities to explore the country, such as 4×4, boat trips and ziplining. The city also has beaches for beginner and advanced surfers as well. Check out our blog post and read more about this vibing part of Costa Rica!

Los Suenos Luxury Rentals

Los Suenos Luxury Rentals, besides being famous for its old marina, is a great community to find alike people. It is located a short drive from Casa Lujo Caletas and gives you the opportunity for fishing, eat in nice restaurants or play golf. A perfect getaway for those who look for a peaceful area around Jaco.

Casa Lujo Caletas

Casa Lujo Caletas is located a 15 minutes drive from Jaco and only 80 minutes from the airport. The villa was built on the side of a hill, which means all of the rooms have ocean and mountain views, and the house is in a fully quiet, safe area, close to Hotel Villa Caletas. The location is perfect for families and couples, and for anyone who seeks privacy, luxury and safety. In our vacation packages, we offer tours, private drivers, and private chefs, and we also open our doors for small events like birthday or bachelorette parties.

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