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ATV tour near Jaco? Yes!

One of our favorite activities in the area is jumping on an ATV and exploring wild nature, high hills, local towns, and hidden beaches. 

If you have never driven an ATV, get ready: these little vehicles will throw your adrenaline level a lot. While it seems easy to drive them from the outside, it can be challenging for the first time, but don’t worry for a second: the agency has different options from smaller to bigger buggies, so you can let the talents drive for you while you just enjoy the beautiful scenery while sitting behind them.


The tour starts from the agency’s office in Jaco, where you get a short ATV training and you have to pass a driving test on a small trial track. Once you are a master enough, depending on the tour you chose, you start to cross the beautiful jungle, upon a hill, to miradors and waterfalls. While driving on a real jungle path, the biggest challenge is to keep your eyes on the road: the scenery is way too beautiful

At the waterfalls, usually you have a free opportunity to swim in a hidden gem of natural water, just in the middle of the jungle.

Driving through local towns, you can see the real-life of Ticos (native people of Costa Rica). The area has beautiful farms, many fruits, local houses and restaurants. Pay attention to the falling coconuts, the roads are filled with tons of palm trees! 

Getting out of the town, you arrive at a river, just to make your trip even more exciting. Are you ready to cross through the water with your vehicle? Well, you have to, not just because it is fun, but on the other side of the landscape a wonderful, huge private beach is waiting for you. And you know what is the best? That it is literally empty, with all the beauties nature can offer you. Old palm trees, small islands, birds, and maybe monkeys (oh, yes, always pay attention to your stuff on the beach as these little smarties are the more experienced thieves on the Earth).

Spending some time on the beach, you start to drive back to the agency and leave your already beloved ATVs. By the end of the road, you will be a professional, so you can really enjoy the crazy roads and the natural small competition between each driver.

SO are you ready to challenge yourself and explore the area in the best way possible? We recommend the tour for everyone who wants some adrenaline, uniqueness and a bit of challenge. Let’s go, those little red buggies are waiting for you! You can check out our ATV tour options here

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