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15 fun facts about Costa Rica

So what is Costa Rica known for? Okay okay, incredible jungle, various animals, beautiful beaches and kind locals. But what are the fun facts one must know about this incredible country?

15 Fun Facts about Costa Rica

  1. It is home to incredible national parks

Costa Rica is home to 28(!) national parks. These places are famous for their pure and beautiful nature, as well as for their residents. Thanks to the nice food and safety, Costa Rica national parks are stuffed with animals, so there is no way you wouldn’t see any during your visit. However, we still recommend you ask for a guide – for sure they will recognize animals you barely find even after they point you out. 

Tip: Our favorite national park is Manuel Antonio. Check out here, why!

  1. It is home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity

Yes, this incredible place on Earth gives home to many creatures – from the water to the land you can find 5000 species living here! There must be something in this magical place that attracts not just us, but all these beautiful animals. Although you probably heard about snakes and jaguars, no need to worry: most of these species are birds.

Fun fact in fun fact: 2.5% of these are located in the Osa Peninsula!

  1. It is one of the happiest countries in the world

The green color, salty air, fresh ocean breeze, jungle sounds, raindrops and continuous sunshine are usually part of those meditation programs you can watch to relax your mind.

Not a surprise that locals, who grow up there are one of the happiest people on Earth. Simple life! Probably that’s their biggest secret.

  1. It has free coconuts EVERYWHERE

Okay, not talking about the Pipas (coconut water) that locals sell next to the street (although these have a super low price as well), but literally any beach you visit in Costa Rica, you will find some coconuts on the ground. You just need a knife or some local tricks and you can enjoy your own coconut while watching the sunrise. And believe us: a coconut you fight for with your own hands tastes muuuch different.

  1. Rice, beans, platanos

Costa Rican cuisine is full of rich ingredients, but one thing is for sure: there is no meal without rice, beans and plantains. Okay, maybe some of them, but if you share your meal with a tico, he will probably miss the rice from the table. Still, you can never get bored: every person cooks it a little bit differently. For example, one of their famous breakfasts is gallo pinto, including rice, beans, eggs and fried plantains.

  1. Its locals are extremely nice

Probably coming from a happy life, local people in Costa Rica – or ticos and ticas, as they call themselves – are EXTREMELY kind. Anywhere you go you will find smiling faces, kind waiters and shop assistants, and always helpful locals. 

  1. It is one of the safest destinations 

Costa Rica is considered to be one of the safest destinations in the world. Still, our recommendation is, although locals will be nice and you will feel generally safe anywhere, it is always better to pay attention to pickpockets and avoid night walks on the beach.

  1. It has 5 active volcanos and more than 200 volcanic formations

Yes, you read it right. Costa Rica is home to many volcanos which makes this country even more beautiful. However, there were only 2 eruptions in the last 100 years and you will always know in time if there is a prediction for the next one. Our favorite one is Arenal, where you can visit many spots around while enjoying tons of activities from ziplining to hot baths. Good news: our personal driver can take you anywhere you wish. Contact us for more details!

  1. It is saving many animals

As giving a home to 5% of the world’s biodiversity, Costa Rica pays extreme attention to taking care or nature and its residents. Thus you can find many animal sanctuaries, where locals take care of damaged or sick animals. Our favorites are turtle sanctuaries, but you can visit a jaguar rescue center as well.

  1. It has no army

A country without an army? Yes, it is existing. The government in Costa Rica prefers to put that money into education and maintenance, so locals can benefit from it better.

  1. Its locals have a high life expectancy

Simple life, again. Costa Rican people not just live longer, they have one area in the country – Nicoya – which is considered a Blue Zone, meaning that many people live more than 100 years there!

  1. They are waking up for the national anthem

The radio in Costa Rica starts its day with its national anthem at 7 am. Can you imagine a better way to start your day?

  1. It is surrounded by 2 oceans

Costa Rica is between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, which makes it extremely diverse. The 2 sides of the country have totally different vibes, food and beaches.

Fun fact in fun fact: on the Pacific side, there is a national park in Uvita, called Bahaina, which literally looks like a tale of a whale!

  1. They use special words

Let’s say you speak Spanish – still, there will be many words in local conversations where you have to use your probably well-known “No entiendo” (I don’t understand). Locals love to use slang! Just a couple of examples:

“mae” = dude

“tico” = local man of Costa Rica

“Pura Vida” = Pure life, a way of saying hi, bye, thank you, nice to meet you, or anything locals feel like

“a cachete” = cool

“tuanis” = awesome

  1. It has 2 seasons

Thanks to its location, Costa Rica has 2 seasons: a 6 month long dry and a 6 month-long rainy season. Although many get worried about heavy rain in the country, keep calm: there is always a little sun, especially in the mornings.

So are you ready to visit paradise? Contact us now and let us make your dreams come true!

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